Going back to my roots

Posted on February 15 2018

Today's post is by our team member, Judy.

With the upcoming holiday of Chinese New Year, the festivities of the holiday is really coming in for me. As an American with a Chinese background, this day holds a lot of meaning within my heart.

When you're young, you never really know the real meaning of a holiday like this until you grow up. Chinese New Year is just like every other holiday combined into one, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years. This is a day where you gather up your whole family (even the relatives you don't seem to know) and you have one big dinner. However as a kid, the only thing you might seem to care about is the money.

Yes, money plays a huge part on this day. You see with every Chinese New Year, kids are able to receive multiple red envelopes from other family members. The value within one envelope can sum up to about $100. So as a kid, you're probably just happy with the way everything is and you don't have a care in the world.

However, as you get older, you may find that you're getting less and less money. You might question why this is happening and the reason being, it's time to give back. As a kid, you're receiving these red envelopes as "good fortune" from your elders. They want to wish you happiness and aid you with fortune while you grow. Now that you're grown up, you're expected to do the same. It's the idea of receiving and giving back continuously to your community that keeps the love going.

This is what we do at Mujus as well. With each jewelry a women buys, we are able to help our strong women artisans find their financial independence. We want to support these single mothers in finding their strength and helping everyday women find theirs. When we receive, we give back and that's what makes it all worth it.



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