Women's Fair Trade Necklaces

Mujus handcrafts beautifully designed, lightweight, fair trade necklaces carved from corozo seeds AKA tagua nuts. The hand-dying process with Italian dyes creates colorful, unique statement necklaces. Mujus jewelry is made by women artisans in Peru and Ecuador, many of whom are single mothers and heads of household. 

Our tagua nuts are a sustainable material picked in the Amazon rainforest after they ripen and have fallen to the ground. Each seed pot is then dried for a period of up to six weeks, at which point it becomes very hard and ivory-like. Once the seed has hardened, our artisan partners shape each piece by hand polishing the grain and contouring every nuance. The shaped beads are then dyed with a vegetable based dye. Since seeds are pure cellulose, the dying process is very similar to the way you would dye fabric. After the seeds have absorbed the desired shade they are left to dry in the sun and then are polished for up to 12 hours to acquire the natural shine that all our pieces have.

The Mujus team consists of over 100 women artisans. Although incredibly skilled at the art of jewelry making, many of them have not finished high school or any higher education. Many women are drawn to this traditional artform because it fulfills the need to make an income while at the same time providing a flexible work schedule that allows them to take care of their children and their household. For this reason, Mujus started the "Working Mother Program" where support some of artisans to help them set independent jewelry workshops in their household. 

Every bold Mujus necklace you buy helps another women.


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