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Is all of your jewelry actually made from sustainable plant seeds?

Yes! All of our designs are handmade from seeds native to the Amazon rainforest. We use organic tagua, bombona and acai seeds in our designs. Some of our designs use semi-precious stones, such as jade and tiger eye, as well.


What do your designs weigh? Are they heavy?

Because tagua seeds are very lightweight, so are Mujus designs. Even our larger necklaces are almost weightless, so they are comfortable and easy to wear with any outfit.


What is the natural color of the tagua seed? Where do all the bright colors come from?

The natural color of the tagua seed is ivory/white. We create all of the wonderful colors we use in our designs using natural vegetable dyes. This means even the colors of each design are fully sustainable and eco friendly!


How stable is the color of each design? Could it ever come off on my clothes?

We give each design a very light sealant to ensure the vibrant colors of each design stay where they belong.


What are the metal backings and hooks for your earrings made from?

 All our earring backings are made with hypoallergenic surgical steel.


How to take care of the jewelry?

Since our products are made from natural elements, prolonged exposure to water and high humidity levels may affect their appearance. To clean your product, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid submerging all Mujus products (especially rings!) in water and store away from direct sunlight.

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